Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)

TRE is a somatic restoration technique that
releases deeply held body tension and accumulated stress, by "shaking it off".  

Our bodies are built to protect us from stress and shaking is the body’s natural recovery response.  TRE is the practice that activates the body’s recovery process.  Through a series of simple physical stretches (from the ankle to the hips), the body welcomes a natural shaking, which releases accumulated overwhelm, restores balance and builds inner body resiliency (within the nervous system).

TRE for Athlete Recovery

Post Workout or Sport Body Tension Recovery process that:

  • Relieves Muscle Pain, Tension & Tightness

  • Restores Imbalanced Muscle Patterns

  • Increases Flexibility, Energy & Endurance

  • Faster Body Recovery

  • Builds Focus, Alertness and Calmness for athletic events

  • A kin to dance, yoga, pilates.

TRE for Daily Tension
& Chronic Stress

Increase Well-being, Build Resiliency and have: 

  • Lessen & Resolve stress symptoms

  • Regulate Nervous System

  • Less Worry, Stress and Anxiety

  • Deep Body Relaxation

  • Improved Relationships, Health, Better Sleep

TRE for PTSD, Event & Injury Trauma

Accidents, Sport Injury, Post-Surgery recovery process that:

  • Unwinds Body Tension Patterns

  • Harmonizes Body Rhythms, Calms and Restores Body Systems

  • Deep Body Relaxation

  • Supports Healing of Injuries

  • Lessens Trauma Symptoms

TRE for Military
& First Responders 

Reduce Chronic Stress, Build Resiliency and…

  • Lessen & Resolve PTSD symptoms

  • Regulate Nervous System

  • Unwind Body Tension Patterns

What’s TRE?

Dr. David Berceli, an international social worker, developed TRE® for his study of human trauma response. 

He noticed that the human body contracts when faced with threat and that shaking is a primitive response to stress and trauma, shared by both humans and animals.  

Shaking is a neurogenic (nervous system) tremor, which is the body’s natural process to restore regulation of body rhythm and body systems.

"Shaking" is a natural response to stress & trauma, and part of human behavior.

Shaking causes deep relaxation which reduces stress levels, regulates body systems and increases resiliency of the body.  Stressful events and experiences can over-charge the body.  TRE  is the process that activates the body to discharge the excess, by literally "shaking it  off".  

Whether you have chronic stress, anxiety, physical tension, injury trauma, PTSD,
or are simply a person who wants to become more resilient and just feel better,
you can and will benefit from TRE

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