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Relieve Chronic Stress & Anxiety,
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How is your quality of life & body affected by your stress?  

  • Tired of overthinking, feeling anxious, stuck, and missing out on living the life you want?

  • Would you like to release stress, body tension and build resiliency for life?

I help people transform their stress, by EMPOWERING them to clear what's holding them back and get connected to what they truly want.  

My own early developmental trauma led me to seek holistic approaches that helped me shed layers of dysfunction, drop hundreds of pounds and use of anxiety medication. Along the journey I uncovered my value to live with self-honor, compassion and grace.    (read my full story here...)

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Experience the trusting & satisfying connections you desire in life, love & purpose! You too can transform! Your journey begins here!


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About Suzanne

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Meridian Tapping


TRE Exercises

Wisdom Bits

“Thanks to Suzanne and Meridian Tapping, my life is continuously improving.
I am so very blessed to have her guidance and support in my life.” -Jean B.

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