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Why you want to invest in this program?

Are you tired of overthinking and having anxiety run your life?  Are you consistently stressed out and worried?  If you’re ready to effortlessly feel secure, find peace and mental clarity, this program is for you.

Course Outline/Summary

Week 1:  Building Awareness

Take a step back and learn what’s really going on behind your anxiety and overthinking.  Identify what, where and who gets your mind spinning and nerves on edge.  Awareness is the first step to transforming and getting the life you want.

Week 2:  The Clearing

Let’s go ‘there’, to those triggers that tip you into your stress, so that you may be set free and clear.  Learn and experience grounding tools and techniques to clear the whirling confusion and clutter of your stress and struggle. 

Week 3: Re-Connection

Keep up with any needed clearing work, while learning to hear and develop trusting connection with your intuitive senses and authentic voice.  Develop a new narrative that is self-empowered, that says YES to you, and is expressed through grace and confidence.

Week 4: Establishing Boundaries

You have choice!  What will you no longer tolerate?   Weed and prune your life to know what’s in and what’s out.    Define the line that keeps you balanced and clear, feeling good and confident everywhere you go.  

Week 5: Feeling Satisfaction

Deliberately craft your new life filled with comfort, connection and confidence.  Prioritize your most important things and identify attitudes, feelings and behaviors to keep you aligned with what you want.  Continue clearing and developing dependable connection with your senses to guide you while building core stability that keeps you resilient when triggers arise.  

Week 6:  Learning to expand

Practice, revise and thrive.  Ritualizing what you know enables you to get aware, clear the past, connect to your senses, know and express your boundaries, and create unwaveringly focus on what you want with presence, clarity and confidence. 

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