Clients raving about there SHIFTS.....


“I had big time relationship drama, low self esteem and inability to see my patterns.  Suzanne helped me see the picture from a different point of view, understand the relationships do run it’s course and it’s ok, understand that alignment with myself is my first priority, helped me communicate from a place of peace and truth.  I recently manifested the relationship of my dreams, with a man I deeply admire and respect, someone who can see and accept me for who I am, a man of deep integrity and kindness.  I have a stable income (plus awesome savings), a business I love and I paid off my debts 100%.  Most importantly I have healthier, more loving and connecting relationships with myself than I ever had.”


Kate -

“I struggle with overthinking.  I had these ideas in my head about the way things should look in my life.  I was also really hard on myself for not achieving certain professional and personal goals yet.  Suzanne helped me reframe the way I look at the world and respond to my inner critic.  Tap on it!  When I feel myself getting frustrated, anxious or overwhelmed by something, I pause, breathe and tap.  It has helped me in my business and my life.” 


Vanessa -

“I had the pleasure to meet Suzanne and have a class with her. It was incredible!!! The experience and the knowledge that I walked away with will be a part of my daily routine and I am looking forward to the next one. So Grateful! Thank You!”


Kristin -

“Suzanne is a true healer who will hold a space of love and support for you and your healing! She will also call you out on "your stuff", so that you can come to a place of awareness around the patterns that hold you back. She uses multiple approaches to holistically support your personal transformation!!!”


Lauren. -

“My husband and I attended an amazing TRE workshop with Suzanne tonight- it was such an enlightening hour with a total focus on relieving built up tensions with no self judgement. I am excited to continue the practice.”


Candace -

“A unique experience that has changed my path. With much love and respect, I highly recommend taking part in these transformational experiences.”


Allison -

“What Suzanne does is beyond anything I've seen or felt!!! She is warm and easy to talk to. The work we've done has relieved me of a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety.”


 Sarah R. – NYC

“Thank you for teaching me FasterEFT, it’s changed my life dramatically and improving the life of my precious children.”


Peter M.- Florida

“I am so excited about the session we just had.  I want another, and another, and another and another!”


Z.K. – Arizona

“I feel like you helped in a greater way than just an eft practitioner and for that i am grateful.  I’m noticing the way i think and shift my negatives thought as soon as i start to think them.”


Matt B. – Florida

“I highly recommend Suzanne! I have had 5 sessions with her and I am amazed at the progress that I have made in less than a month’s time. Suzanne is non-judgmental and made me feel very comfortable opening up. As a result, I was able to bring up many suppressed thoughts and emotions and once they were identified, they were relatively easy to permanently eliminate. During our time together, Suzanne helped me to realize that many of the thoughts, memories and labels that I perceived as factual, were indeed not true. My performance at work is noticeably improved and I find myself dealing with friends, family and clients differently. I am no longer focused on the negative and I am now optimistic about the future. Suzanne, give yourself a “Tap” on the back, you deserve it. “


Jim E. – USA

“YOU ARE AWESOME! Thanks so much! I will email you my “list” so we can take more shots!  Also, I would like to have you work on my wife. I gave her plenty to drag with her through life but I really would rather she not have to. Call it severance, lol!  Thanks so much!”


Carole – France

“Thank you, you found the perfect words, exactly what I needed!!  I feel better now, more relax and excited about this new adventure!”


Helene- Florida

“FasterEFT with Suzanne is a miracle. Being in her presence just lifts you to your bliss. I would recommend her to anyone needing any kind of help. She’s great and is certainly doing the right work. Suzanne take care and keep doing what you’re doing.”


Tom B. – California

“Just wanted to thank you again for the great session! It was very educational for me, it really showed me how to use my own words in the tapping process. I was missing the mark on this for some reason. I believe that I will be much more effective in my tapping, both on myself
and other people. Thanks again for your time and effort! I am looking forward to tapping with you again soon.”


Jessica B. – Chicago

“Thank you so much for your help in teaching me faster eft. I have really been moving forward and my family has been getting into it also!   Just wanted to let you know!!!”


Krstin -

“I wanted to give you an update: I’ve just had the best week that I have had in a long time!!!!!   The obsessive thoughts are all but gone and I’ve been able to remain calm even within some very difficult situations with my son and husband!!!! I went skiing on Thursday night and actually felt ALL of my “Core Desired Feelings”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was such a big deal to me! (more skiing....check!) :) Some of the “symptoms” (discomfort in my back/armpit) are still there, but I kind of have to look for them or actually “pay attention”.   I started a “perfect health” vision board to help keep me focused on what I DO want and continue to take healthy actions! Yay!!!”



5 STARS for Suzanne!!!

Chelsea W.

Karen L.

Lindsey E.

Nairobi S.

Marie M.