Ladies, You're Invited to a Retreat!

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These Retreats are designed to unite women with women, to help them remember their beauty, strength and wholeness. 

Women connecting with themselves and their tribe!


Our Retreat Mission...

We believe it’s time for women to come together in support of each other, to lift each other up and reclaim our identity and power. 

Our retreats offer a nurturing, non-judgmental and safe space for women to unite

We welcome our guests to curiously explore honest self-connection, while surrounded with like-minded women seeking themselves and their tribe.  You are loved!  You are invited!  Join us!


May 18-20,
Aliveness Retreat

June 1-3,
Prenatal Retreat

June 22-24
Wellness Retreat

July 20-22
Goddess Retreat

August 24-26
Self Love Retreat

September 28-30
Goddess Retreat

October 19-21
Self Love Retreat

November 2-4,
Goddess Retreat

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Retreat Mentors...



 Stress Relief & Self-Regulation  Mentor,
Retreat Organizer

From time to time we will have other guest mentors join us, however this team is honored to be your primary mentors. 
We are here to support YOUR transformation! 

  Katherine Ryan , Yoga Instructor, Paddle Board Lead

Katherine Ryan, Yoga Instructor, Paddle Board Lead

  Mindy Galamaga,  Holistic Chef, Young Living Essential Oils, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist

Mindy Galamaga, Holistic Chef, Young Living Essential Oils, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist

  Amanda Hills,  Yoga Instructor, Paddle Board Instructor

Amanda Hills, Yoga Instructor, Paddle Board Instructor

  Juliana Jordani,  Holistic Chef

Juliana Jordani, Holistic Chef

Retreat Rates

Retreats are all inclusive; Lodging, All Meals, and Retreat Activities. 

Retreats are purchased by bed size: Twin, Full or Queen.   
Twin and Full beds are in shared rooms, while Queen rooms are private.   
All rooms have shared bath.  Retreats are sold per person by bed size. 
Most women travel solo, and are paired with another retreat guest, however if traveling with a friend let us know.

$444 per person, TWIN
$488 per person, FULL
$544 per person, QUEEN

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Join us for a rejuvenating weekend, with an incredible lineup of MindBody classes to help you TRANSFORM your stress and begin to live with genuine aliveness.


On the beautiful east cost of sunny Florida, the Banana River Resort is located on the barrier island, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway.  A short 3-4 minute walk, across the street to the Atlantic ocean.  The retreat property is located on the intrarcoastal, so you'll wake up on the water, and end the day with the most spectacular sunsets.    


Healthy, fresh vegan meals prepared by onsite holistic chef. 


Delicious vegan food is served buffet style for meals and snacks, and the kitchen is always open.  Make yourself at home and hang out in the kitchen while the chef prepares your meals.   Water jugs are located in the kitchen, for refilling your water bottle. 

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Wonderful agenda of Healthy Self WorthSoul Feeding Activities and Workshops!




We're living out loud during very transformative times.  So many are struggling to feel deeply connected, satisfied and empowered, and when standing in hurt,  confusion and limiting thoughts, can seem so far away. 

Let us embrace you, through your transformation! 





  • Sunrise Paddleboard

  • Yoga

  • Morning Energy Exercises

  • Meridian Tapping classes

  • Empowerment Circles

  • Guided Meditations



  • Body Regulation & Restoration workshops

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Stress Relief workshops

  • Healthy Cooking Presentations

  • Sound Baths

  • ... and more!


We use age and essential oils throughout the weekend events, to clear away what no longer serves you, 

Retreat guests are welcome to attend all activities or just relax, explore the property or go to the beach.   


The resort offers surf, stand up paddle and windsurfing lessons on premises.  For those services, including rates and times, you're invited to contact the resort directly. 

Additionally a massage therapist is available for appointments, see contact information on retreat date event page.     


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Waterside bonfires in the evening, weather permitting.



Room accommodations have three options.

Twin, Full or Queen beds are available.

Twin and Full bed options are shared rooms. Queen beds are in private rooms. 


The retreat occupancy is 15 people.

There are 7 shared bedrooms and 3 private bedrooms; six twin beds, six full size beds and three queen size beds. All rooms are shared, unless otherwise noted. All bathrooms are shared with one bathroom for every 2 bedrooms rooms.  

Rooms will be arranged as best as possible.



If you're booking together, we'll do our best to accommodate you together.

Bedrooms have attached kitchen and living room.  Each sleeping space is air conditioned and includes beds with fresh linens and pillows and towels. 


The main house has a recreational space and an open kitchen where all meals are served buffet style. 

We invite you to unplug and relax, however Internet wifi is available.


More About Our Mentors...

Suzanne Gundersen

Stress Relief & Self-Regulation Mentor, Retreat Organizer

Suzanne helps those struggling with stress, anxiety, tension and trauma, to reconnect with their lives, their bodies and their relationships.   She’s passionate about helping others feel more connected, fulfilled and experience life with genuine aliveness.  

For decades, she struggled with anxiety and felt disconnected with herself and the world.  In 2004, she went in search of relief and found some incredible natural mindbody healing tools and techniques that are easy to use, living skills that helped her transform towards feeling whole and complete (which she surrenders is a lifelong practice).  While she can still experience anxiety today, she has awareness of what is creating it and applies the tools she’s learned to keep herself balanced and as a result, experiences life with deeper connection and fulfillment.

 Do you want more authentic and meaningful connections with yourself, your partner, friends, family, coworkers?

  • Are you craving reliable, trusting and satisfying connections you can enjoy?
  • Are you interested in releasing stress, body tension and build more resiliency for life?

Suzanne offers workshops and programs using TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises), Energy Medicine, Meridian Tapping, Chakra Balancing, Sound Healing (tuning forks) and Guided Meditations.  

Suzanne helps create balanced and satisfying connections.  End your stress and struggle now.   Suzanne speaks, hosts women-only retreats, teaches classes and workshops, and has an international private client practice (virtual and in person).


Mindy Galamaga

Holistic Vegan Chef, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Young Living Essential Oils Expert

Mindy has a passion and love for Vegan cooking.  She has been vegan for decades, cooking for herself, her family and her farm of animals that live on her property.  Mindy’s attention to detail has her food both looking amazing and tasting even better.  She takes pride and care in thoughtfully selecting the best ingredients and takes the time needed to prepare healthy and delicious meals.  Mindy’s recipes are always a favorite at our retreats, and she’s always open to sharing her recipes and her wide knowledge about different types of ingredients.  She cooks using fresh herbs and essential oils and uses the highest quality ingredients.   Mindy is also a licensed massage therapist, Essential Oils distributor and guru, as well as Kundalini yoga instructor.   Mindy’s body knowledge lends to her giving healing massages that leave you feeling restored, whole and complete.  Mindy began Kundalini yoga in 2002. Shortly after discovering this scientific practice she became KRI certified with Deva Kaur from Coral Springs, Florida.   She has explored many modalities but enjoys the whole body view.  As a teacher, Mindy brings the deep wisdom of Yogi Bhajan to her classes in a light hearted and inspiring way She’s from Ohio but lives in Boynton Beach with her husband and son and farm of animals. 

Katherine Ryan

Yoga Instructor

Katherine approaches yoga with both a scientific logistical background (from a bachelor of science degree in biology), and a love for the spiritual and healing aspect of the practice. She strongly believes in the importance of holding sacred safe space for her students to allow them to explore asanas for themselves, and to allow them to get to know themselves on a deeper more intimate level.   She was introduced to yoga at an early age, however it wasn't until her years of biological studies at the University of Victoria, British Columbia that she truly discovered its powerful influence on mind, body, and overall well-being. In 2015, she decided to deepen her practice by spending an immersive month in Maui, Hawaii studying and practicing under the watchful eyes of senior teachers at Maui Yoga Shala. It was here she completed her RYT-200 and truly started her personal journey with yoga.  In addition to her RYT-200 certification and her Bachelor of Science degree, she is certified to teach Buti Yoga®, which combines power yoga, tribal dance, plyometrics, and the Spiral Structure Technique to facilitate transformation from the inside out. This practice encourages the release of emotional trauma, the restoration and function of the energetic body, and the activation of shakti energy. It also creates healthy self-confidence and connections between practitioners.   She has completed programs that customize yoga for both PTSD and Cancer patients.

Juliana Jordani

Certified Health Educator and Holistic Chef

Juliana received her certification as a Health Educator at the world-renowned Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL. She is also a certified vegan food chef from the Living Cuisine Academy in Fort Lauderdale.

Juliana considers spiritual growth and self-improvement very important to her personal journey. She has dedicated many years to study different spiritual masters, theories and philosophies aiming to better understand life and human behavior. Over time she developed a comprehensive understanding of “observation-analysis-action”; allowing her to fully understand the best way to deal with situations in life and, thus, objectively put into action these insights. This is her approach for teaching each of her clients better nutrition.

Juliana’s interest with nutrition originated due to an ulcer she developed years ago and decided to heal it through natural foods and procedures – without allopathic medicines. She realized that food could drastically improve the functioning of her body, clarity of mind and the way that she feels connected with nature, people and the world; becoming a single path to health, with spirituality and food.

Educating others about the mind, body and spirit is Juliana’s passion. It is through this ownership of one’s health that true healing can begin. Juliana is able to assist others on their individual life’s path, meeting them wherever they and help them self heal by teaching conscious thinking and eating habits to develop a wholesome lifestyle.

Juliana is available for private one on one session as well as group programs and workshops.

Amanda Hills

Certified Yoga Instructor

Finding Yoga in 2011-Amanda began to “root” herself by studying multiple Yogic Philosophies, movement methods, and meditation techniques. Founding Soulga in 2015, Amanda has become the teacher she is today by combining the Hatha Yoga (Postural or Asana) traditions, increased body/breathe awareness (Pranayama), and deep respect of the practice as a whole. Amanda hopes to empower one person at a time to engage mind, body, and spirit in class and beyond.

Born and raised in Westchester New York, she always had a passion for movement of the body. Trained as a gymnast and dancer growing up it only seemed natural as an adult to pursue practicing and teaching Yoga. After receiving her 200 Hour Certification in 2015, she started to explore other fields such as SUP Yoga and Pilates. Raised as strong athlete, dancer, and gymnast she continued to light her spiritual fire with movement of the body. You can find her paddle boarding at sunrise, spending time with her dog Hercules on the beach, or covered in paint at her home studio. Her passion for physical exercise and spiritual connection started at a young age and was inspired her my mother, who was also a gymnast. Yoga helped her recover from an eight year battle with an Eating Disorder, and showed her how to befriend and love her body as opposed to destructing it. Amanda hopes to empower one person at a time to engage mind, body, and spirit in class and beyond.