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  • Little Buddhas Yoga 3493 NE 12th Terrace Oakland Park, FL 33334 (map)

Join us to learn and experience a simple, easy to use technique that can clear money blocks and open pathways to receiving more money, with Energy Tapping.

--Dread looking at you bills? Tired of just living paycheck to paycheck?
--Worry about where to get more money?
--Want more money to upgrade your life (new car, home, vacation)?

What's happening?

--Traditional beliefs and old stories about money keep us stuck in a lower vibration than the empowered version of who we really are.
--No matter your money stress, tapping can work for you!

What you can expect from Energy Tapping:
--Tapping is a self use technique you can use in the moment to change and reprogram your stress about money.
--Tapping can shift the old money stories you tell yourself, that keep you in lack.
--Tapping can spark new thoughts that create new beliefs that open pathways to receiving more money.

This workshop is 60 minutes and includes a Meridian Tapping overview and is interactive with actual tapping that clears money blocks and begins the momentum of open pathways to receiving money.

What you'll need:
Bring a yoga mat or towel and wear comfy clothes, there will be some light energy exercise stretches we'll do together at the start of the class.

Investment: $25 at the door, $20 advance (see link)

Join Suzanne as she guides the group with grounding energy medicine exercises, then with a group meridian energy "tap-along" to release old money stories, beliefs and stress, and then begin to shift energy towards sparking new ideas, thoughts and beliefs that bring the flow of financial abundance.

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What's Energy Tapping?

Our bodies are energy and meridians are rivers of energy that flow through the body. When we think, the body feels, that's what the mind body connection is about. Meridian Tapping is a simple technique that uses your fingers to tap on specific meridian points that promotes the energy to circulate. When we tap, we shift the flow of energy, which in turn shifts how we feel and experience our thoughts. Shifting away from money stress can free the energy to flow in a new direction.

Meridian Tapping can be used anywhere, anytime to provide in the moment relief and shifting of energy. It’s a living skill that can be used to decrease stress and worry and increase self worth and self confidence. When we hold onto stress, the energy system of the body stays in a state of overwhelm, which tapping shifts to restore balance. Tapping can be used to address and resolve nearly every stress that life can throw at us.