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Chronic Stress: Our Nervous System's Evolution of Survival

  • Greenlands 2000 N Federal Hwy Delray Beach, FL, 33483 United States (map)

Join us for a wonderful hour to learn about the evolution of our nervous systems survival and how it’s created our chronic stress!    


Ever wonder why we chronic stress in our bodies?  Have you been searching for answers about how to move towards health and optimal wellness?  Are you interested to learn how your Nervous System evolution has led us to the answers that we’re just not seeing?



If so, then you’re invited to join us for this educational, fun, informational hour to learn the evolution of how of bodies survive stress and how to techniques and tools to get you back on the road to optimal health and wellness!

Life is moving faster than our bodies can keep up with rationalizing all that we can perceive. 

We’re living in times of a communication crisis, with ourselves and with others.  We’re out of sync with our natural rhythm and we continue to compound our lives with stress, which our bodies and minds are suffering. 


What you can expect from this workshop:


Learn how we’ve evolved to have so much Chronic Stress and how to lessen/reverse symptoms and return to wellness!  


  • Learn what’s Fight/Flight/Freeze all about
  • Awaken to our current Communication Crisis
  • Find out how the body keeps the score of our evolution
  • Learn about Social Engagement for Regulation
  • Tips, Techniques on How to reverse Chronic Stress
  • What's TRE?

Bring a notepad and pen and an open mind!
Investment: $15

A TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises) class will immediately follow this class, for those interested to learn a body restoration technique to 'shake off' their body tension and stress.  Wear comfy clothes, bring a yoga mat, no yoga experience required.  TRE is not recommended for women who are pregnant.