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RETREAT! July 20-22, Goddess Weekend!

  • Banana River Resort 3590 S. Atlantic Ave. Cocoa Beach, FL United States (map)

S O L D    O U T !!!!



July 20-22, 2018

All Inclusive; Lodging, Classes, Vegan Meals!

You are a Goddess!  Join us to uncover, unleash and enliven your inner feminine power!  Welcome to the rise of the devinine Goddess you are!


Weekend Agenda

Friday July 20th

  • Check-in at 4pm
  • Relax
  • Welcome Meet and Greet, 5:30pm
  • Dinner
  • Bonfire (weather permitting)
  • Guided Meditation with Sound Bath


Saturday July 21st


  • Breakfast 
  • Sunrise Paddle 
  • Energy Exercises
  • Yoga


  • Lunch
  • TRE for Body Tension & Stress Relief, with Sound Bath
  • Yoga
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Divine Judgment Detox
  • Mid day snack


  • Dinner
  • Bonfire
  • Energy Circle
  • Guided Meditation with Sound Bath


Sunday July 22


  • Breakfast
  • Sunrise Paddle
  • Energy Exercises
  • Yoga
  •  Divine Judgment Detox
  • TRE for Body Tension &  Stress Relief with Sound Bath


  • Lunch
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Energy Circle
  • Check-out 2pm (however you can stay on the property all day)

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Meet your Retreat presenters...

     Suzanne Gundersen      Stress Relief & Self              Regulation Mentor         Retreat Organizer

    Suzanne Gundersen
     Stress Relief & Self              Regulation Mentor
        Retreat Organizer

       Juliana Jordani Certified Health Educator           Holistic Chef

      Juliana Jordani
Certified Health Educator
          Holistic Chef

        Amanda Hills Certified Yoga Instructor

       Amanda Hills
Certified Yoga Instructor

Additional Retreat Mentors...

Kimberly Hough, Transformational Coach

Kimberly has a vision for the world where everyone gets that they are worthy of full abundance in every area of their lives. She works with people to take each domain of their lives to the next level, reaching for a ten and beyond to truly live extraordinary lives.  The tools and techniques she uses come from a Stanford University Course created by Hay House author Jennifer Grace,  trainings by Hay House author and inspirational speaker Gabriel Bernstein, as well as her own journey of transformation. 

Born and raised in upstate New York, Kimberly relocated to Florida in 2007 to escape the snow and freezing cold. Little did she know this was where her journey of transformation would begin after going through an extreme breakup and having her life feel like t was turning upside down. After realizing she could heal and have the life she never knew was possible she fell in love with sharing this with others and creating space for them to dream again, knowing it’s possible to have those dreams actualize.  Do you remember the last time you allowed yourself to dream? Do you remember the last time you went for something because you wanted it, not become someone said you “should”? If you knew it was possible, what dream would you bring to life?  With techniques to open up awareness, set powerful intentions and add committed actions, Kimberly is able to hold her clients accountable and is committed to them reaching their wildest dreams. She works with clients on an individual basis as well as groups. She is extremely passionate about creating conscious connection and community through her workshops and coaching. 

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Activity Descriptions....

Food is Power Cooking Class -  Using fresh, organic ingredients, prepare something vegan and delicious.  

Food is Power - Cooking Discussion.    Food is power, and far from fostering greater food security, the centralization and monopolization of food has made us more insecure than ever before. The industrial farming model has an array of hidden costs, taking a toll on farmworkers, wildlife, soil, air, water supplies and costumers; and depleting natural resources and dumpling toxins into what remains.  Through this view, Juliana is going to explore why and how the environment is paying the prices for an unconsciousness eating habit that most of the world is playing. Let’s bring up and hold high our responsibility in living in one amazing planet that needs so much of our collaboration and thus, be able to function in the appropriate way to give us back all the wonderful things that it is & has.

Vinyasa to Yin Yoga Class- Vinyasa Yoga can be translated as “yoking” one breathe with one movement. A practice meant strengthen the body and mind for a lifelong wellness, while preparing practitioners for a deep meditation. Generally, a set sequence of postures, practitioners are guided with oral and visual queuing. When combined with Yin Yoga, known as a practice the gets deep into the fascia of the muscles, practitioners are able to absorb the best of both movement worlds by strengthening and lengthening major and minor muscle groups during this 75-min class.   End the class with a 15 minute savasana with live sound healing and essential oils.  

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga (SUP Yoga): SUP is a great way to strengthen the core and practice balancing techniques that we usually cannot practice on the ground. Aside from this practice being very fulfilling and meditative, you are able to be one with nature and explore it in a different way!  Due to the small adjustments the body has to make while on the board, we are able to target minor muscles in the ankles and core that we usually do not engage.  Practitioners will be given paddle technique lessons before moving forward with practicing yoga on the boards. This class will be structured similar to a Vinyasa to Yin Yoga class adapted to the SUP Boards.   SUP Yoga is defiantly something everyone should try! 

Mat Pilates-  Pilates directly engages the core to strengthen the whole body for overall functionality. Using a combination of movement techniques such as yoga, gymnastics, and boxing, the Pilates Method was originally meant to rehab soldiers and brought to New York City, eventually helping to train the world’s foremost dancers and athletes.  Always preforming the same sequence of movements, it only takes a few Pilates sessions to feel and see a world of difference in a practitioner’s body. 

TRE  (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises).  A Somatic restoration and body harmony technique is an effective approach to releasing deeply held body tension and accumulated stress, by "shaking it off".   Our bodies are built to protect us from trauma and stress and shaking is the body’s recovery response.  TRE is the practice that activates the body’s recovery process.  Through a series of physical stretches (from ankle to hips), the body welcomes a natural shaking, which releases stored overwhelm, restores balance and builds resiliency for life’s stresses. Shaking causes deep relaxation which reduces stress levels and increases the resiliency of the body, which is done through experiencing and learning self-regulation (learning to be present with the body’s experience, without overwhelm).  Whether you have stress, anxiety, physical tension, injury trauma, PTSD, or simply a person who wants to become more resilient and just feel better about life, you can benefit from TRE.   TRE is not recommended for women who are pregnant. 

Energy Exercises and Meridian Tapping (similar to EFT)-- Our bodies are energy and meridians are rivers of energy that flow through the body.  A daily routine of body energy moving exercises helps our body flow in harmony with the universal flow of life.   Also, when we think, the body feels, that's what the mind body connection is about.   Tapping is a life skill acupressure technique, that empowers you to change and reprogram your stress.  Stress is the body’s reaction to perception.    Meridian Tapping is a simple technique that uses your fingers to tap on specific meridian points to disrupt the connection between the mind and body.  Tapping shifts the flow of energy, which in turn shifts how you feel and experience your thoughts. Shifting away from stress can free the energy to flow in a new direction.  Meridian Tapping can be used anywhere, anytime to provide in the moment relief and shifting of energy.  It’s a living skill that can be used to decrease stress and worry and increase self worth and self confidence.  When we hold onto stress, the energy system of the body stays in a state of overwhelm, which tapping shifts to restore balance.  Tapping can be used to address and resolve nearly every stress that life can throw at us.

Empowerment Energy Circle -Welcome to your tribe.. During this fantastic hour, we'll come together and use to move out negative energetic patterns and begin to raise our frequency, and anchor healthy self value and worth.  Using meridian tapping, we'll release stuck energy about any stories that may be limiting us from what we want.  Participants are invited to share or just participate in the circle.   

Chakra Balancing - Using our vibrational voices, along with our energy body, we will hum and tap the energy system of the body to move energy through all the 7 chakras, to restore balance.  Each of the chakras has a unique frequency and vibration, which we can create ourselves, to help align our body energy wheels with the universal flow of life.   

Guided Meditation --  Adapted from the book FULL BODY PRESENCE (S. Durana), 3 meditations have been developed for each:  body awareness, world healing, self nourishment & grounding and world healing.  Each meditation is gently read to guide students into relaxation and integration of the meditation topic.  Class participants only need to enjoy the guided verbal meditation while they are in a comfortable position (sitting or lying down).

Sound Bath -- Class participants are invited to sit back or lay back and enjoy the sound of high frequency crystal bowls and live tuning forks.  The high frequency vibration will help raise the vibration of the body, to match the frequency of  universal life flow.  There are no words to this music, only the instruments of crystal bowls, drums and flutes.   Live Tuning forks will create the vibrational frequency of 528Hz, which will be waved (as forks are like wands), over each class participant, to raise their vibration.

Judgement Detox: Honor your Inner Goddess--Are you ready to to honor your inner goddess and silence the judgments that show up throughout your day? Are you tired of feeling like it’s never enough, like you’re never enough? In this workshop, we will come together and create a sacred space with our sisters through conscious conversation, meditation and soul work. In this sacred space we will be able to call out and acknowledge the sneaky judgments that can leave us feeling separate and keep us from truly stepping into our powerful goddess self. Judgments can be very sneaky and show up when we don’t event realize it!! We will learn what types of judgments there are, how we personally judge others and ourselves, and learn practices for how to “detox”!! Through the exercises we will also learn the power of connecting with our sisters, and holding each other high while honoring our own inner goddess as well as the inner goddess in each other.

What you'll need to bring...

Comfy clothing, bathing suit (for paddle yoga or ocean), Yoga mat, personal items (toiletries, clothing, sun screen), refillable water bottle and whatever else you'd like.  We welcome you to unplug for a few days, however wifi is available.  


For any questions contact Suzanne 561-501-3593 or

For any questions contact Suzanne 561-501-3593 or
Refunds minus 50% cancellation fee, available up to 14 days prior to retreat start date.
Retreats may be cancelled anytime by retreat organizer, with full refund provided.  Retreat guests must sign retreat release form and emergency contacts paperwork, in order to participate in the retreat.

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