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Comfortable & Confident - Online series (Audrey Pratt, Body Restoration Coach)

Join us on the inside for a series of weekly conversations on how to experience living Comfortable & Confident, Inside and Out!

Each week, connect, learn and engage online, with Top Mentors in Health, Wellness, Business, Finance, Image & Beauty as they share their best tips and what it means to truly embody feeling Comfortable & Confident everywhere you go!


Today’s Guest
Audrey Pratt, Body Restoration Coach

Location: Empowered Tapping rEvolution Facebook Group,

When: Monday February 25, 2019, 8pmEST


About Audrey

I have been a personal trainer, fitness instructor and weight loss coach for over ten years, but it's been a lifetime of self-development to get to where I am now.
Through a ton of trial & error, pain & suffering, I created a self-healing routine and started teaching others how to restore their health and relieve pain. 
I watched my clients maintain a healthy weight eating foods that nourish their bodies (NOT count calories), live a life of moderation, heal their bodies of inflammation and pain, improve their quality of life, and uncover self-love and acceptance that had been hiding for years!
I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping others redefine their definition of health, restore their mental and physical state that rightly belongs to them and achieve permanent results through self-care.

Her contact info:
Her contact info:

IG: @coachingwithaudrey



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Her programs:

1:1 coaching 8 weeks — custom food and exercise program to create new habits, lose weight, improve mood and sleep, make more time for self-care, get rid of chronic pain, give up yo-yo dieting for good! Make health a habit.

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