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Gentle Stretch & Stress Relief Workshop with TRE!

  • Boca Center Plaza 50 SW 3rd Ave Boca Raton, FL, 33432 United States (map)

Join us for a wonderful hour of Body Tension & Stress Relief! 

You're invited to join us to activate your body's recovery process with TRE.  The body contracts with stress and too often we keep that tension held in the body and develop tightness, tension and stress.  TRE is a process that activates the body's recovery process, it's simple to do and pleasant to experience, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed! 

What you can expect from TRE:

  • Unwind and Balance Muscle Tension Patterns

  • Calms and Restores Body Systems

  • Increase Flexibility, Elasticity

  • Deep Body Relaxation

  • Stabilize Adrenals

  • Less Worry, Stress and Anxiety

  • Improved Health and Better Sleep


What you can expect from this workshop:

  • Learn and experience energy exercises to get and keep you balanced.

  • Move your body with a somatic restoration technique that releases deeply held body tension and stress.

  • Relax into your body and integrate the workshop experience with a high frequency sound bath.

Wear comfy clothes and bring a yoga mat or towel.   No Yoga experience required. 

Class Investment:  $20 per person

What's TRE?

TRE 1.jpg

TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises) is a somatic restoration technique that releases deeply held body tension and accumulated stress by “shaking it off”.  Our bodies are built to protect us from stress, and shaking is the body’s recovery process.  TRE is a series of simple stretches that invites the body to naturally shake, whereby releasing body tension, restores balance to body systems and builds resiliency for life’s stresses.

 TRE is not recommended for women who are pregnant.


There are two Boca Center Plaza Buildings. The one at 50 SW 3rd has a canopy that shows the address on it. It's behind Boca Palms and directly across the street from The Heritage. Parking for visitors is across the street, next to The Heritage. To get in dial 127 on the front door pad (to the left of the front door, if you're facing it), and let them know you're here for class, and you'll be let in.