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Athlete Body Restoration & Recovery Workshop

  • Delray Beach, FL, 33444 United States (map)

Fitness Trainers! Fitness Coaches!  Sports Coaches!  Yoga & Pilates Instructors, Gym owners! 

You're invited!

Join us for a great hour of learning and experiencing a somatic restoration technique (TRE), that releases deeply held body tension and stress.  Want to experience something your clients or team members might be interested to have as technique to help them recover, repair faster and give them a competitive edge?

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  • Are you an athlete who suffers with constant tightness?
  • Find it difficult to recover from intense training sessions or sports?
  • Living with physical pain?  
  • Need more restful sleep?


What's Happening?

  • Your body is storing extra tension
  • Stretching and massage aren't enough
  • There's a deeper type of tension

What you can expect from TRE (Tension& Trauma Release Exercises):  

  • Recover from workouts more quickly
  • Increase energy and flexibility
  • Release stress and overwhelm
  • Experience deep body relaxation
  • Improve sleep quality

This workshop is 60 minutes, includes Energy Medicine Exercises and TRE exercises.  

The exercises are simple stretches, so please dress comfy and bring your yoga mat or towel.  

Location:  Call Suzanne at 561-501-3593 for details. 

What is TRE?

TRE is a nervous system regulation technique that releases deeply held body tension and accumulated stress by “shaking it off”. Our bodies are built to protect us from stress, and shaking is the body’s recovery process. TRE is a series of simple stretches that invites the body to naturally shake, whereby releasing body tension, restores balance to body systems and builds resiliency for life’s stresses

TRE is not recommended for women who are pregnant.